For your Safety

Employees of the Klausberg AG, the Weißes Kreuz Ahrntal and the mountain rescue St.Johann take care of the safety in Klausberg and the rescue of injured skiers.

To transport injured people as gently as possible by snowmobile, akja or rescue helicopter is the central task of the rescuers. 

Accidents at the lift stations, at all the restaurants and the ski pass office have to be reported using the general emergency number 118.

Prices for the slope rescue in the ski arena Klausberg

Our rescue system involves high costs. We beg for your understanding that rescue missions, first supports and salvages do have to be paid according to different zones:

Zone 1:    First Aid Station

€  50,00

Zone 2:  

€ 100,00

Zone 3:  

€ 200,00

Zone 4:  Off-piste or closed slopes                             
                 (additional costs are possible)                                                  

min € 200,00


The costs for the emergency medical helicopter are charged separately by the Sanitätsbetrieb Südtirol. Rescue and salvage costs are usually covered by the insurance (accident insurance, insurance by credit card, travel insurance, recovery and salvage insurance ...), so it is recommended to inform yourself about your insurance status.

The varying Difficulties of the Slopes
We suggest

The assessment of the slopes is not binding and is of indicative character

The usability of all the slopes is not guaranteed. For safety purposes, skiing on the slopes outside the operating hours (before 8.30 am and after 4.30 pm) is prohibited. 

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